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Since 1980, Everett Anton Singer has been supplying collectors, world-wide, with the most diverse and highest quality selection of authentic vintage automotive posters. Whether building a collection or seeking a single decorative piece the most discerning buyers have sought his expertise and personal service. 

The vast inventory begins in the late 1890's and runs primarily through the 1960's, featuring marque, event, and product advertising. Each poster is guaranteed original and is professionally archival linen mounted [LM]. Sizes are indicated in inches. Also available is a fine assortment of vintage auto-related window cards, books, signs and pins. 

Prices for items are noted; if not, by request. Shipping, for one or more, in the US/48 is FREE, Canada is $45, Europe is $95, and Far East is $125; via FedEx, insured, in ultra-sturdy custom-made tubes.

Online payment is via credit card or PayPal. Other payment options such as checks, Zelle, or wire transfer is available by request. California sales tax is additional if applicable.