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Steering Wheel Club car badge


Steering Wheel Club car badge.  Super rare car badge from member 295.  1.9" x 4.9"  11.19

This is a super-rare opportunity to own the actual numbered badge from a known racing driver respected by his peers from the storied and supremely exclusive Steering Wheel Club in London, England.  This is not a badge that could have been bought -- this is a numbered badge for a particular racing driver of sufficient accomplishment to be accorded membership in this elite racing drivers club.  One had to earn the nomination by fellow known racing drivers to gain an assigned and numbered membership into this club -- only then to be able to proudly display this numbered badge.  Other Steering Wheel Club badge holders include: Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Sir Stirling Moss, Innes Ireland, etc, etc.  This badge belonged to a driver from the Sixties & Seventies, the name remains discreetly undisclosed by the Club.  These are virtually never sold, they are normally passed down through generations or museum displayed.