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356 Service Poster set [7]


356 Service Poster set of 7. The complete set of original Factory issued poster including: Transverse Section View of 1600 S-90 Engine [9/60], Longitudinal Section View of 1600 S-90 Engine [9/60], Wiring Diagram [9/60], Synchromesh Gearbox Rear Axel Type 741 [9/60], Front Axel Type 356 B [9/60], Lubrication Chart Type 356 B [3/60], Lubrication System Engine Type 1600, 1600 S, 1600 S-90 [9/60].  The print quality is excellent and the colors are quite fresh/alive. They were stored in not the best manner, so there is some discoloration, edginess, etc.  Only sold as the complete set of 7.  Option to have them professionally cleaned and archival linen mounted.  6.22